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- Mainly focus on client-side development. Optimize all JavaScript for easy to coding & customization.

- Fully support IntelliSense Signature overloading in Visual Studio 11.

IntelliSense Signature overloading

- Reduce project dependency on other 3-party library by separating into new package like Validation or call it via ASP.NET MVC Dependency Resolver.

- Improve Combine file function by supporting already minified file (*.min.js) and prevent browser cache via query string like “application.js?q=FqxFJsfsd”.

- Can define some query string keyword for ignore combining file in web.config like “”

- Add some selected Polyfill scripts(like details/summary).

- Dramatically reduce setting when use package at the first time and user can directly change a lot of setting via config section in application config.


- Add static view controller for handling all static pages without any ASP.NET MVC action.

- Able to disable client-side validation script via configuration.


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